2020/06/08 | Research | In-vitro & Organs-on-Chip

ARTORG participates in EUROoC

Lisette van Os, PhD student at the ARTORG Organs-on-Chip Technologies laboratory, is part of the European project EUROoC to develop next-generation technologies that recapitulate human biology on a microscale. Within the network of 21 research partners, she investigates how immune cells attack viruses or bacteria in an acute lung infection on chip.


For her PhD thesis project, Lisette van Os profits from the ARTORG's experience in the development of microfluidic in vitro models under the supervision of Prof. Olivier Guenat and the close cooperation with the Department of Pneumology of the Inselspital, Bern University Hospital. She will develop a lung model to better understand acute lung infection, a disease with no effective therapy at the moment.

EUROoC project abstract...

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