2020/11/16 | People | Artificial Intelligence

RMS Master Award 2020 for Michel Hayoz

Michel Hayoz, recent graduate from the Bern Biomedical Engineering master’s program and Computer Scientist at the ARTORG AI in Medical Imaging lab, has won this year's RMS Award for the best master degree 2020. For his thesis "Stereo-Endoscope to CT Image Data Registration for Liver Surgery" he proposed a non-rigid registration method for image-guided laparoscopic liver surgery to reconstruct an intra-operative liver model from a stereoscopic video stream frame by frame.

Registration results for animal in-vivo example with color encoded registration error in mm. (© Michel Hayoz, ARTORG Center, University of Bern)

Developing Augmented Reality based guidance systems for laparoscopic liver surgery is an active research objective. These systems rely on the registration of a pre-operatively acquired liver model to the endoscopic video stream in real-time. Registration is very challenging due to the soft-tissue deformations, the feature-less liver surface, and the different modalities of pre and intra-operative imaging. Michel Hayoz' thesis aimed at developing a Bayesian approach to non-rigidly register a pre-operative liver model to the intra-operative endoscopic video.

As part of his master's degree in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Bern and Bern University of Applied Sciences, the thesis with very convincing results contributed to Michel Hayoz' very high overall grade average of 5.89/6.0, for which he received the RMS award 2020. The Award by the Robert Mathys Stiftung for Bern BME graduates is awarded in the eighth year. It honors the highest grade average of the completed master's program and is endowed with 1’000 CHF price money.


One-page summary of the master thesis

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