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AI for quality assurance in radiation therapy planning

The Medical Image Analysis group at the ARTORG Center, University of Bern, received funding support from the Swiss Cancer League to work on AI technologies for quality assurance in Radiation Therapy planning, in partnership with the Radiation Oncology Departments of the USZ and the Inselspital.

AI technologies to enhance quality assurance in RT planning. AI technologies enabling high-throughput risk assessment of potential harmful deviations in RT planning (© MIA lab, ARTORG Center, University of Bern)

PI Mauricio Reyes comments: “We are thankful for this support as it has the potential to create a new generation of technologies dedicated to improve quality assurance aspects in radiation therapy planning.” The project ranked third out of seventy seven submitted projects. This project is one among several being supported by the Center for AI in Medicine (CAIM)


Medical Imaging Analysis group