2021/01/29 | People |

ARTORG Workshop thanks Fabio Spena

The polymechanic Fabio Spena ends his contract at the ARTORG workshop Mechanical Design and Production (MDP) end of January 2021 to start a career as professional mountain bike cross country racer. MDP Head Swiss certified master mechanic Urs Rohrer looks back on 4 years apprenticeship @MDP and 1,5 years of productive teamwork 50% with the polymechanic: “Fabio has been a great asset to our team with his dexterity and understanding of customer-oriented medical technology solutions.”

Fabio Spena, polymechanic at the ARTORG workshop Mechanical Design and Production, will become a professional cross country bike racer. zvg self-fitness.ch

The vacant position of polymechanic will be filled as of February by Meret Ruch, whom the team would like to cordially welcome.


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