2021/04/20 | People | Artificial Intelligence

PhD thesis defense Laurent Lejeune

Congratulations to Laurent Lejeune, member of the Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging (AIMI) lab, for his successful PhD thesis defense on 19 April 2021! Under the title “Annotating Medical Sequences in the Blink of an Eye: Segmenting Video and Volumetric Medical Sequences at Frame-rate using Sparse Point-wise Supervision“ Laurent Lejeune presented his research on developing a fast and intuitive annotation protocol to generate training datasets for machine learning medical imaging classification.

A novel self-supervised positive/unlabeled training procedure infers segmentation likelihoods of medical volumes and videos using sparse point-wise supervision: A tracking framework leverages the spatio-temporal connectivity of the whole volume to generate binary segmentation masks. Our annotation protocol requires very minimal supervision and works "at frame-rate". (© Laurent Lejeune, ARTORG Center)