2021/07/19 | People | Surgical technologies

SurgeonsLab part of InnoBooster program

SurgeonsLab, incon.ai and Antefil Composite Tech are the newest startups in Gebert Rüf’s InnoBooster program. Over the next 1.5 years, the teams will enhance their projects with funding and support provided through the program. SurgeonsLab will employ the boost fund of CHF 150'000 to bring its patient-specific neurosurgical case planning simulator to the market.

Fredrick Johnson Joseph, biomedical engineer, and David Bervini, neurosurgeon (Photo: Adrian Moser © University of Bern)

Founded in 2021 by Fredrick Johnson Joseph (ARTORG Center, University of Bern) and David Bervini (Neurosurgery, Inselspital), SurgeonsLab is developing realistic, patient-specific models and simulations for training microsurgical procedures, enabling endovascular interventions and validating new medical devices.

Based on medical image data of real patients, the startup creates 3D simulations models of a patient’s head anatomy with all required micro-anatomies, including functional and physiological properties in less than 48 hours after receiving the patient’s CT data. Neurosurgeons use these models in a 4D simulator to train microsurgery and achieve accurate results in the operating rooms.

The InnoBooster programme by the Gebert Rüf Foundation enables university-based, high-potential businesses from the Venture Kick programme to accelerate their market entry substantially.