2021/02/11 | People |

Women in Science: ARTORG female researchers 2021

On this year’s "Women in Science Day" (11 February) the ARTORG Center offers glimpses into the diverse fields of biomedical research our female members engage in. With this, we would like to value the essential contribution of women in our research and motivate others to take a peek at our work and maybe apply to one of our next openings.

Browse the interactive picture to learn about the people, their projects and our research groups.

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Organs-on-Chip Technologies Cardiovascular Engineering AI in Health and Nutrition Mechanical Design and Production Image-Guided Therapy Computational Bioengineering AI in Medical Imaging Musculoskeletal Biomechanics Hearing Research Laboratory

Shima Bahrami

…investigates biomechanical behavior of intracorneal implants to mitigate keratoconus and restore the normal curvature of the cornea (to avoid worsening or blindness)

Project: "Biomechanical analysis of the cornea before and after intracorneal implantation"
Group: Computational Bioengineering

Karoline-Marie Bornemann

…researches the interaction of bioprosthetic aortic valves with the surrounding blood flow to contribute to improved valve design with higher durability.

Project: "Mechanisms of laminar-turbulent transition past bioprosthetic aortic valves"
Group: Cardiovascular Engineering

Alice Dudle

…studies femur geometry, density distribution and bone fabric to improve hip fracture risk prediction for patients with osteoporosis.

Project: "QCT and DXA-based modelling of femoral shape and microstructure for improved fracture prediction"
Group: Musculoskeletal Biomechanics

Tatiana Fountoukidou

…investigates safer machine learning applications for eye care.

Project: "Towards safer machine learning for ophthalmology applications"
Group: Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging

Noëlle Harte 

…studies the fluid phenomena inside the human cochlea to improve the understanding of how humans hear. 

Project: "The spiral shape of the human cochlea: Is there a physiological role of torsion?"
Group: Hearing Research Lab

Ya Lu

…designed and developed user-friendly AI-based automated dietary assessment applications.

Project: "Dietary assessment based on computer vision and machine learning"
Group: Artificial Intelligence in Health and Nutrition

Meret Ruch

…manufactures primary custom-tailored medical technology devices for research groups at the ARTORG Center and industrial and academic external research collaborators.

Position: Polymechanic at the ARTORG workshop 
Group: Mechanical Design and Production

Alba Segura Amil

…investigated structural brain connectivity through fiber tractography to improve DBS therapy in Parkinson's disease.

Project: "Improving Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) threapy with patient-specific tractography"
Group: Image-Guided Therapy

Pauline Zamprogno

…employed micro fabrication and tissue engineering techniques to build a next-generation lung-on-chip for biomedical and pharmaceutical research.

Project: "Development of second generation of air-blood barrier on chip"
Group: Organs-on-Chip Technologies