2022/02/11 | People | Virtual & Augmented Reality

ARTORG celebrates female scientists

On this Women in Science Day, the ARTORG Center joins the University of Bern in celebrating its female scientist community. Arunima, Aileen und Milica work in different ARTORG research areas. Today, they share what working as a woman in science and engineering means to them.

(© Bettina Mathiessen)

Arunima Sengupta,
Postdoc, Organs-on-Chip Technologies

In my early-20’s I found my calling to be a scientist. I chased my passion over continents to develop innovative human disease models for drug screening research, with the aim to replace animal experimentations. I am grateful to all empowering women who made it possible for my generation to work in science.

(© Adrian Moser)

Aileen Naef, 
PhD Gerontechnology and Rehabilitation

To me, being a woman in science can mean many things: making your way in a male-dominated field, supporting female-led initiatives or figuring out your work-life balance. There is no right way, so follow the path you choose unapologetically.

(© ARTORG Center)

Milica Bulatović, 
PhD, Image Guided Therapy

A bit rebellious, a bit daring, meticulous explorers, and even so - caring. – This is how I see women in science. I liked math in school and fell in love with Biomedical Engineering during my engineering and computer science bachelor’s.