2022/09/10 | Events |

Nacht der Forschung "Mit Technik gegen Krankheiten"

Our Center invites all interested to join us for the University of Bern Researcher’s Night ("Nacht der Forschung") on 10 September 2022, 16.00-24.00h, Exakte Wissenschaften, Sidlerstrasse 5.

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ARTORG @Nacht der Forschung

Saturday, 10 September 2022
Foyer EG, Institut für Exakte Wissenschaften

Come with us on an interactive journey through the body and help us "fix" a person on 7 organs with cutting-edge medical technology!

Activities for young and old and the whole range of research at our competence center.

Health is a precious resource!
Unfortunately, it can be lost in many places.

Do you know what medical technology can do about that?

Expect fascinating insights, fun and hands-on activities that will introduce you to our work!