2022/05/05 | People | Surgical technologies

PhD thesis defense Philipp Aebischer

The ARTORG Center congratulates Philipp Aebischer on his successful PhD thesis defense on 28 April 2022! He presented his project “SMART Insertions for Cochlear Implant Electrode Arrays: A Sleeve-based, Micromotion Avoiding, Retractable and Tear-opening Insertion Tool” conducted at the Hearing Research Lab (HRL). For his PhD, Philipp Aebischer has investigated the mechanics of cochlear implantation using human anatomy-based models of the scala tympani and developed a new insertion tool that allows to redirect the implant’s electrode array onto an optimal trajectory.

For his research, Philipp Aebischer developed realistic inner ear models for in vitro testing of the surgical procedure and designed a tool to mitigate the identified risks during the insertion of cochlear implant electrode arrays. (© ARTORG Center)