2022/09/21 | Research | Rehabilitation & Neural Engineering

Smart Tools for Dexterity Home Training in Parkinson’s

Limited hand and finger movement due to Parkinson's disease can be counteracted to some degree with targeted physical therapy. To provide patients with individual training options at home, the Gerontechnology and Rehabilitation group at ARTORG Center has now evaluated the usability of two new interactive game sensor-based hand devices.

Smart Sensor Egg: Electronic board with integrated pressure sensor and accelerometer; silicone case. The device is about 60mm tall and weighs 50g. (https://doi.org/10.3390/s22166278)

The two new interactive game sensor-based hand devices (GripAble and Smart Sensor Egg) were tested both by 8 healthy adults as well as 8 persons with Parkinson’s Disease. Besides a standardised usability measure, the state of flow after one training session and the effect of cognitive abilities on flow were evaluated. The devices gained high system usability scores and after the first training participants had adapted to the games connected to the respective device (navigating animated environments with GripAble and performing different movement tasks with the Smart Sensor Egg).