2023/06/02 | People | In-vitro & Organs-on-Chip

Celebrating the Beauty of Organoids

Exciting news from the TOR (Translational Organoid Resource) Symposium: This week DBMR researchers highlighted both the remarkable scientific potentials and the aesthetic aspect of organoids. The ARTORG congratulates Jan Schulte, a doctoral candidate from the OOC group, for winning one of the Best Organoid Picture Awards with the picture “A breath-taking kiss” (above). The image of alveolar organoids fashioned into the shape of a smile was taken as part of Jan’s research culturing patient alveolar epithelial cells as Organoids. Once expanded in-vitro, these cells can be used for controlled experimentation on the latest OOC lung-on-chip models.

(© Jan Schulte, OOC, ARTORG Center)