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2023/05/04 | People | Artificial Intelligence

PhD thesis defense Klaus Schürch

Congratulations to Klaus Schürch on successfully defending his PhD thesis titled "Advancements in Electrocochleography: Towards Improved Reliability and Objective Assessment" on 20 April 2023 at the ARTORG Center Hearing Research Lab! Klaus's research focused on developing a deep learning-based algorithm for the objective identification of intracochlear electrocochleography (ECochG) signals, with Prof. Dr. Stefan Weder (supervisor), Prof. Dr. Marco Caversaccio (co-supervisor) and Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Wimmer and PhD Dr. Christian Rummel (co-advisors). The results of his work, along with the collected data, have been published in open access to benefit other researchers.

The blue curves show a recognisable cochlear microphonic signal (A1) and noise with no visible signal (B1), in response to a 500 Hz stimulus. (A2,B2) show their corresponding time frequency scalograms generated using continuous wavelet transformation, which were then used to train and test the deep learning algorithm. (