2022/03/24 | Research | Rehabilitation & Neural Engineering

Seniorenuni visits GER and NeuroTec Loft

On March 16 and 23, 42 seniors attended a special course of the Seniors University "Assistive Technologies for Patients with Dementia", led by Prof. Dr. Tobias Nef, Group Head Gerontechnology and Rehabilitation at the ARTORG Center. They had the opportunity to experience these technologies in a tangible way and to learn about and discuss advantages and disadvantages.

Prof. Dr. Tobias Nef welcomed the Semiorenuni at sitem-insel and gave them an overview over the research at the Gerontechnology and Rehabilitation lab. (© ARTORG Center)
At the NeuroTec Loft patients’ activities can be monitored for research purposes to detect neurodegenerative diseases at an early stage, to indicate sudden deteriorations in health or to define important biomarkers for typical health problems in older age. (Adrian Moser © University of Bern)
Computer-assisted cognitive training games developed at the ARTORG Center to prevent and counteract memory loss in older age. (© ARTORG Center)
The NeuroTec Loft is equipped with a number of highly sensitive measuring devices such as video cameras, radar systems, lidar sensors, seismographs and flow meters to register activities of daily living to better unterstand neurodegenerative diseases. (Adrian Moser © DIE ZEIT)

A brief introduction to the group's research was followed by a tour through the NeuroTec Loft, where engineers and clinicians are working together to develop and evaluate new technologies for patients with dementia.

The technologies presented include computer-assisted cognitive training, which allows patients to independently train memory, attention and information processing. Sensors are also being developed to measure the behavior of dementia patients in everyday life. The data collected in this way will be processed using artificial intelligence to identify when patients need help. The aim is to improve the care and support of patients in hospitals, nursing homes and at home. 


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