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2023/02/11 | People | Biomechanics

Women in Science Day 2023

On this Women in Science Day, the ARTORG Center joins the University of Bern in celebrating its female scientist community. Franca, Lubnaa and Malavika are just three examples for the invaluable contribution of female scientists in ARTORG’s varied research portfolio. They model cerebral blood flow, use machine learning for improved automated dietary assessment and aim to develop patient-specific treatment plans for refractive eye surgery. Today, they share their personal motivation for their research.

Franca Schmid

SNF Ambizione fellow and senior research assistant
Cardiovascular Engineering

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«Deciphering the physiology of the brain encourages discussions with researchers from many different fields. Women, men, computer scientists, clinicians, and engineers - every change in perspective sparks innovative ideas and motivates me to conduct research every day. The diversity of my research and the vast potential that lies in applying engineering knowledge to biomedical problems fascinates me every day and motivates me to contribute to the challenge of understanding what really matters for a healthy brain.»

Project: Numerical modelling of the brain’s energy supply in health and disease.

Malavika Nambiar

PhD researcher & Co-Founder of a social impact NGO @Humane Warriors
Computational Bioengineering


«Science and social work, hand in hand, can change the world for the better. Women bring unique perspectives and skills to the table, and their involvement is critical to creating a more equitable and inclusive world. As Rupi Kaur says, 'For all the tables that refuse to seat us, we'll build new tables and pull up a seat for everyone who arrives after us.' Let us work together to build a brighter future for all.’»

Project: Patient-specific surgery simulations for refractive interventions

Lubnaa Abdur Rahman

PhD researcher & machine learning expert
Artificial Intelligence in Health and Nutrition

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«As a woman in science and AI, I embrace the challenge of finding solutions to the complex challenges of our world. With curiosity, perseverance, collaboration, and an aim for excellence, I am determined to drive progress and make a positive impact.»

Project: Multimedia-based dietary assessment using computer vision and machine learning