Ya Lu was born in 1988 in China. She received her Bachelor (2010) and Master (2013) degrees in Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT,  http://english.bit.edu.cn), China. Her research field in BIT was image processing, computer vision, and the topic of her master thesis was “Pedestrian detection and tracking based on random forest”. From 03.2013 to 10.2016, she worked as a research engineer in Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT, https://www.sait.samsung.co.kr), Beijing, China, the research & development interests of her in SAIT lie in human pose estimation, activity analysis and gesture recognition. Currently, she is a PhD student at Diabetes Technology Research Group of ARTORT Center for Biomedical Engineering Research which belongs to the University of Bern and her research field is macro-nutrient estimation based on computer vision and machine learning.