Experimental Audiology

Multi speaker setup for sound field audiometry. © 2017 Hearing Research Laboratory

Sound field audiometry, in which acoustic test stimuli are presented through loudspeakers instead of earphones, is an integral component in the evaluation of the clinical hearing rehabilitation progress. The assessment of hearing thresholds, speech understanding in quiet and noise, and sound localization abilities provides essential outcome measures that can be directly linked to the quality of life of patients that were treated with hearing implants.

In the area of experimental audiology, the Hearing Research Laboratory is focusing on clinical studies aiming to contribute to the scientific community and clinical practitioners alike. To enable a more realistic but reproducible assessment, our group develops methods to generate complex sound environments and dynamic test situations that are required to capture the benefit of modern hearing implant technology. In addition, the group aims to better understand the electrical current spread during stimulation in cochlear implants and to improve speech recognition in noisy conditions by optimization of parameters associated with front-end technology.