Titleimage: ARTORG Center for Biomedical Engineering Research

Welcome to the ARTORG Center for Biomedical Engineering Research of the University Bern. It brings together researchers from various biomedical engineering backgrounds and clinical departments thematically centered around specific organs and their diseases. It actively collaborates with research and development groups of the Bern University of Applied Sciences and other Swiss institutes of technology. Furthermore, knowledge and technology transfer is promoted by involving partners from the Swiss Medical Technology industry. To increase the chances of success in this kind of translational research, which refers to the transformation of scientific discoveries into practical solutions, creative teamwork across the ARTORG disciplines is promoted. The focus is on developing solutions that address particular clinical problems or unmet clinical needs.

To date, the ARTORG center hosts 7 research groups in various fields ranging from technology resarch for novel medical devices, simluation of biological and physiological processes to the application of nanotechnology.

News and events

Dr. Raphael Sznitman, head of the Ophthalmic Technology Laboratory at ARTORG, named Assistant Professor.

PhD Colloquium on "Numerical Modelling of Biomedical Flow Systems"

Fifteen young researchers from the Universities of Lugano, Geneva, Bern and Zurich and from ETH Zurich and EPF Lausanne met on May 12, 2016 at the ARTORG Center for the first "PhD Colloquium on Numerical Modelling of Biomedical Flow Systems". This event offered to a forum for young researchers to share their ideas, results and questions in an open and informal environment and enabled the creation of a national network on biomedical flow simulation which profits from the high density of academic excellence in Switzerland.



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