Titleimage: ARTORG Center for Biomedical Engineering Research

The ARTORG Center for Biomedical Engineering Research brings together the biomedical engineering and clinical departments of the University Bern to benefit human health through the translation of multidisciplinary research. The teams at the ARTORG are led by joint technical and clinical group heads to address the unmet needs of patients. By fostering creative teamwork within and across the ARTORG teams, scientific discoveries on novel medical devices for surgery and rehabilitation, simulation of physiological processes and the use of artificial intelligence and smartphone Apps are transformed to improve the delivery of clinical care. Interdisciplinary research into the societal impact of disruptive medical technology and implications on policy and healthcare delivery economics complement the holistic approach to research. The wider network of the ARTORG includes Bern University of Applied Sciences, Swiss institutes of technology and International partners from leading research institutions. Collaborations with regional, Swiss National and International companies from industry accelerate the transfer of pilot and prototype work to commercial partners to support growth and prosperity.


News and events

Best Paper Award for Tatiana Fountoukidou

Congratulations to Tatiana Fountoukidou from the Ophthalmic Technology Laboratory, who receives the Best Paper Award Runner-up at the conference IPCAI (Information Processing in Computer-Assisted Interventions) in Berlin, Germany.

CVE's Silje Jahren wins the Medtronic Young Investigators Award of SGHC!

Congratulations to Silje Ekroll Jahren of the group for Cardiovascular Engineering for winning the Medtronic Young Investigators Award of the Swiss Society for Cardiovascular Surgery. Silje was awarded for her study "Can bioprosthetic valve thrombosis be promoted by aortic root morphology? An in vitro study" which was completed in collaboration with the Departments of Cardiovascular Surgery, Cardiology, and Radiology of Inselspital Bern.


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