About us

Eleven independent, interdisciplinary groups make up the matrix research structure of the ARTORG Center. The ARTORG Center is an engineering department within a medical faculty: unique in Europe and outside of the U.S.  Engineers, computer, material- and life scientists, clinicians, and biologists work together by design. The Center’s founding research structure was conceived to have an organizational link between each research group and its corresponding clinical department at the Bern University Hospital/Inselspital. This formalized interdisciplinarity is the key to the success of the ARTORG Center to date.  Projects at the ARTORG Center aspire to meet the goal of moving fundamental inquiries into biomedical engineering phenomena, through pilot studies, into clinical trials to achieve clinical adoption.  Projects aspire to meet an ambitious translation strategy that delivers patient benefit within an average 10-year technology development horizon.

The seamless integration of the education and training of the next generation of biomedical engineers exposes researchers at all levels of the entire pathway for biomedical engineering applications: from discovery, research, development to clinical translation.  Collaborative projects of postgraduate students from technical and clinical backgrounds move their research activities between the laboratory setting and the operating rooms, to find solutions that are informed by clinical practice. 

The ARTORG Center leadership brings together the technical and clinical group heads in a directorate team to set and deliver strategic goals that consolidate research eminence in current and future clinical focus areas.

Strategic guidance and benchmarking of scientific excellence of the ARTORG Center are contributed by the Scientific Advisory Board which is made up by global key opinion leaders in biomedical engineering and clinical sciences.