2023/07/03 | People | Robotics

PhD thesis defense Eduardo Villar Ortega

Congratulations to Eduardo Villar Ortega on successfully defending his PhD thesis at the Motor Learning and Rehabilitation group on 28 June 2023! Under the title of “Combining somatosensory stimulation with robotic training to enhance neurorehabilitation” he investigated how a robotic rehabilitation of the arm combined with whole-hand sensory electrical stimulation could impact somatosensory improvements and positively modulate brain areas related to sensory processing.

Experimental set-up. The Delta.3 robot was located on a table next to a LED monitor, which showed the virtual environment. Participants wore noise-cancelling headphones and used an arm-weight support system, adjusted to individual arm weight. (https://doi.org/10.3389/fresc.2022.929431)



Motor Learning and Neurorehabilitation