2023/02/14 | People | Rehabilitation & Neural Engineering

Wilhelm Wimmer joins TU Munich

The Hearing Research Lab technical group head PD Dr. Wilhelm Wimmer will start a position as Assistant Professor for Experimental Audiology at the Technical University of Munich in March 2023. The ARTORG Center congratulates him on this important next career step that will offer him further possibilities to develop and refine his research interests in advanced and quantifiable diagnostics of inner ear diseases (hearing loss, tinnitus, vertigo), as well as medical image processing, computational modelling, and robotics for improved hearing implant outcomes.

Wilhelm Wimmer knew from an early age that he wanted to work in Acoustics and Hearing Research. He studied Biomedical Engineering at the Graz University of Technology, taking additional courses in Audio Engineering at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz along the way. An ERASMUS stay brought him to Bern, where he wrote his master's thesis at the ARTORG Center and finally moved to the Swiss capital also for personal reasons. In 2015, Wilhelm Wimmer obtained his PhD at the ARTORG Center and ENT Department Inselspital. In 2017, he was offered to lead the Hearing Research Lab (HRL) at the Inselspital and ARTORG Center, which he built up together with Prof. Caversaccio and his clinical co-workers.

In January 2021, he received the Venia Docendi for Experimental Audiology. His research focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss, tinnitus, and vertigo. He lectured the "Introduction to Signal Processing" course and the “Psychoacoustics Lab” of the Biomedical Engineering program at the University of Bern. Between 2018 and 2019, he joined the Epoine team, INRIA, Sophia Antipolis (France) as SNSF postdoctoral fellow to investigate novel inner ear morphometric approaches.

Wilhelm Wimmer has been collaborating with the Inselspital ENT, Neurology and Neuroradiology Departments and the Institute for Anatomy of the University of Bern, the Translational Imaging Center (TIC) at sitem-insel, the Center for AI in Medicine (CAIM) and the ARTORG research groups for cardiovascular engineering and AI in Medical Imaging. His research partners also include the University of Twente, the University of Nottingham, INRIA at Sophia Antipolis, the Paul Scherrer Institute and the Zurich University Hospital as well as industry partners, Med-EL, Cochlear and Bernafon.

He is a member of the MICCAI society, the German Society of Audiology, the German Society for Medical Physics, the Swiss Society of Otorhinolaryngology, and the scientific advisory board of the Swiss Tinnitus League. 

Wilhelm Wimmer's approach on Quantifying inner ear diseases


Highlight publications

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The work of the Hearing Research Lab will continue, and the ARTORG center is currently in the hiring process to find motivated candidates to lead the group.