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ARTORG Seminars 2023

2023/12/13 | Events | Biomechanics

ARTORG Seminar "1D model of arterial hemodynamics: tool to understand wave propagation, heart-arterial system interaction and develop intelligent diagnostics/wearables"

Last ARTORG Seminar 2023 with Nikolaos Stergiopulos, EPFL hosted by the Cardiovascular Engineering lab.

When: Wednesday 13 December 2023, 12.00-13.00h
Where: Murtenstrasse 24, room EG050


Prof. Dr. Nikos Stergiopulos received his M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens, Greece, in 1985 and his Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from Iowa State University, USA, in 1990. Nikos Stergiopulos also holds a degree in Management of Technology from IMD. He is currently Full Professor and Director of the Laboratory of Hemodynamics and Cardiovascular Technology at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland. His main research interests are Hemodynamics, Cardiovascular Mechanics and Medical Implant Technology.

He has authored more than 230 peer review papers and holds more than 20 patents in medical technology. His most notable and widely recognized research contributions are in the modeling and understanding of wave propagation in the arterial system and the analysis of ventricular-arterial coupling. In the last decade, his research focused on the noninvasive estimation of central hemodynamical quantities of major clinical interest (central pressure, cardiac output, and cardiac contractility) from easily accessible peripheral measurements, which became extremely important with the development of wearable devices.

In parallel to his academic work, Nikos was actively involved in the development of medical technology. In 1998 he co-founded EndoArt SA, a medical device startup company, world leader in telemetrically powered and controlled medical implants for the treatment of congenital heart disease and morbid obesity. He is currently the founder and managing director of Rheon Medical SA, developer of an adjustable drainage device for the surgical treatment of glaucoma. He is also founder and CSO of Comphya SA, a medtech startup developing an implantable electrostimulation device for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.


In this seminar, I will present our research on the 1D modeling of arterial hemodynamics. I will commence by discussing our foundational work, demonstrating that the 1D model is indeed the appropriate tool for capturing wave phenomena in the arterial system. Subsequently, I will illustrate how we utilized the model to gain insights into various aspects of arterial aging, the interaction between the heart and arterial system, as well as aortic and heart diseases. Finally, I will elaborate on how the model can be employed in inverse methods or in conjunction with machine learning to derive approaches that allow the extraction of crucial central hemodynamic parameters, such as cardiac output or cardiac contractility, from non-invasive peripheral measurements.

Hybrid event: Join here for Zoom.