2023/09/22 | People | Surgical technologies

Philipp Aebischer wins SSBE Research Award

For his dissertation on "SMART Insertions for Cochlear Implant Electrode Arrays", Philipp Aebischer, Head of the Hearing Research Lab, has been awarded the SSBE Research Award on 13 September 2023 at the annual meeting of the Swiss Society for Biomedical Engineering. The thesis focuses on improving the safety and effectiveness of cochlear implantation procedures through multiple facets. It encompasses the creation of realistic in-vitro models for procedure testing, the development of an algorithm for precise electrode position determination based on impedance measurements, and ultimately culminates in the development of a specialized surgical tool designed to ensure the precise insertion of the electrode array while protecting delicate inner ear structures.

Philipp Aebischer presenting his research at the SSBE Annual Meeting in Allschwil. (© SSBE)

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