Symposium "Emerging Technologies for Failing Hearts"

Research Symposium with five renowned speakers, organized by the Cardiovascular Engineering lab.

When: Monday, 19 February 2024, 14.15-17.30h
Where: Auditorium Felix Frey, sitem-insel, Freiburgstrasse 3

Surgical treatment of heart failure has driven technological innovation for many decades. There is a well-established range of venticular assist devices and pumps for acute and chronic settings, and heart transplantation profits from sophisticated supporting technology. Nevertheless, there
still exist unmet clinical needs with respect to biocompatibility, usability and durability.

In this symposium,  invited experts present emerging technology for failing hearts featuring novel actuation concepts, materials, heart graft support systems and the total implantable artificial heart CARMAT.



(will inform the apero following the symposium)