2024/05/02 | Grants & Awards | Artificial Intelligence

RetinAI parent Ikerian expands medical focus

The ARTORG spinoff company RetinAI Medical AG has been rebranded as Ikerian AG to spearhead development beyond ophthalmological solutions. The wider focus has brought in CHF 5.65M in Series A Extension and new investors.

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While the wholly-owned subsidiary branch RetinAI U.S. continues rollout of eye care tools, the wider company concept will evolve into new therapeutic areas prioritizing neurodegenerative disorders, vascular conditions and rare diseases.

CEO Carlos Ciller comments in today’s media release: “I am proud of the achievements RetinAI has made and look forward to this next stage of growth. Ikerian will use the ‘eye as a window to the body’ to advance healthcare in systemic and chronic diseases, such as neurological and cardiovascular conditions, generating new knowledge and playing an instrumental role in improving healthcare for individuals worldwide.”