Impressionen Kinderuni 2024

Last weekend, the ARTORG welcomed the Kinderuni for the first time! 🥳 The 8-12-year-olds were given exciting insights into the biology of the heart and lungs and into ARTORG research into more sustainable heart valves and lung models on chips, which are revolutionizing drug development, for example. 🩺🧫


The young medical technicians-to-be were given an introductory lecture on Friday and were allowed into the laboratories for "Cardiovascular Engineering" 🫀and "Organs-in-Chip Technologies"🫁 on Saturday, where they learned what air pumps and cell clusters have to do with the health of the heart and lungs. 🦠💉

It was great to see so many interested faces, detailed questions and enthusiasm for innovation and research! ⚗️🧪