Prof. Dr. Dominik Obrist

Professor for Cardiovascular Engineering

University of Bern, ARTORG Center for Biomedical Engineering Research, Cardiovascular Engineering

+41 31 632 7602
+41 31 632 7478
+41 31 632 7576
Postal Address
ARTORG Center for Biomedical Engineering Research
Freiburgstrasse 3
3010 Bern
since 2013 Professor for Cardiovascular Engineering, ARTORG Center for Biomedical Engineering Research, University of Bern        
2005 - 2013 Senior researcher ("Oberassistent"), Institute of Fluid Dynamics, ETH Zürich        
1998 - 2005 Cray Inc. (in Seattle, USA and Switzerland) in various positions (application analyst, pre-sales analyst, account manager)  
1997 - 2000 PhD at the Dept. for Applied Mathematics of the University of Washingtion (Seattle, USA)
1991 - 1997 Studies in Mechanical Engineering, ETH Zürich
  • Biomedical fluid dynamics
  • Cardiovascular Engineering
  • Fluid-structure interaction
  • Microcirculation
  • Hearing and balance sense
  • Respiratory flow
  • Gastrointestinal system
  • Hydrodynamic stability
  • Aeroacoustics
  • High-performance computing

Recent publications

  • Jahren S. E., Hurni S., Heinisch P. P., Winkler B., Obrist D., Weber A., Carrel T., Trans-valvular pressure gradients for different methods of mitral valve repair: only neochordoplasty achieves native valve gradients, Interactive Journal Cardiovasc Thor Surg, doi: 10.1093/icvts/ivx323, 2017.
  • Niederhauser T., Gafner E. S., Cantieni T., Grämiger M., Häberlin A., Obrist D., Burkhard F., Clavica F., Detection and quantification of overactive bladder activity in patients: can we make it better and automatic?, Neurology & Urodynamics, doi: 10.1002/nau.23357, 2017.
  • Vennemann B., Rösgen T., Heinisch P. P., Obrist D., Leaflet Kinematics of Mechanical and Bioprosthetic Aortic Valve Prostheses, ASAIO J, doi: 10.1097/MAT.0000000000000687, doid2017.
  • Frey S., Haine A., Kammer R., von Tengg-Kobligk H., Obrist D., Baumgartner I., Hemodynamic characterization of peripheral arterio-venous malformations, Ann Biomed Eng, doi:10.1007/s10439-017-1821-9, 2017.
  • Pfiffner F., Prochazka L., Péus D., Dobrev I., Dalbert A., Sim J.H., Kesterke R., Walraevens J., Harris F., Röösli C., Obrist D., Huber A., A MEMS Condenser Microphone-Based Intracochlear Acoustic Receiver, IEEE Trans Biomed Eng, 64(10):2431-8, doi: 10.1109/TBME.2016.2640447, 2017.
  • Clavica F., Homsy A., Jeandupeux L., Obrist D., Red blood cell phase separation in symmetric and asymmetric microchannel networks: effect of capillary dilation and inflow velocity, Sci Rep, 6:36763; doi: 10.1038/srep36763, 2016.
  • Hupp D., Arbenz P., Obrist D., A parallel Navier-Stokes solver using spectral discretization in time, Int J Comp Fluid Dyn, doi: 10.1080/10618562.2016.1242725, 2016.
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  • S. E. Jahren, B. M. Winkler, P. P. Heinisch, J. Wirz, T. Carrel, D. Obrist, Aortic stiffness affects the kinematics of bioprosthetic aortic valves, Interactive Journal Cardiovasc Thor Surg, doi: 10.1093/icvts/ivw284, 2016.
  • Vennemann B., Rösgen T., Carrel T. P., Obrist D., Time-Resolved Micro PIV in the Pivoting Area of the Triflo Mechanical Heart Valve, Cardiovasc Eng Tech, 1-13, 2016.
  • Hasler D., Landolt A., Obrist D., Tomographic PIV behind a prosthetic heart valve, Exp Fluids, 57(5):1-13, 2016.
  • Grieser B., Kleiser L., Obrist D., Identifying mechanisms behind the Tullio phenomenon: a computational study based on first principles, JARO, 17:103–118, doi: 10.1007/s10162-016-0553-0, 2016.
  • John M. O., Obrist D., Kleiser L., Secondary instability and subcritical transition of the leading-edge boundary layer, J Fluid Mech, 792:682-711, doi:10.1017/jfm.2016.117, 2016.