Chair for Image-guided Therapy

The Chair for Image-guided Therapy (IGT) leads a portfolio of research activities of investigation and development of algorithmic tools, hardware components and complete systems for clinical applications that leverage imaging modalities for diagnostic, interventional and surgical methods.  The technology solutions emerge through dialogue with the clinical research leads in hepatobiliary, ENT, neurosurgery and radiology and are designed to supersede current clinical methods and deliver zero morbidity or minimal-invasiveness for cure (ENT, neurosurgery) or chronic care survival (liver cancer). These novel solutions envision disruptive changes to the therapeutic approaches in intervention and surgery by considering a priori the clinical outcome of the procedure as the starting point for the technology design and not iterative improvements to the current clinical state-of-the-art.  All developed technologies are taken into the clinic and to the patient as standard for clinical validation in close collaboration with our clinical partners.