2021/01/21 | Grants & Awards | Surgical technologies

SurgeonsLab wins final Venture Kick

After its recent Ypsomed Innovation Award win, the spinoff of the ARTORG Image Guided Therapy lab receives the highest stage of Venture Kick and CHF 150,000. SurgeonsLab offers a range of training modalities for neurosurgeons and interventional radiologists for microsurgery and intervention planning and training.

The SurgeonsLab 4D simulator in the OR (© IGT lab, ARTORG Center, University of Bern)

SurgeonsLab’s patient-specific and realistic micro-physiological phantom devices are a novel solution for the medical industry. By using additive manufacturing techniques, the medtech startup can manufacture neuro blood vessels with functional and physiological properties in less than 48 hours after receiving the patient’s CT data. With the price money the startup plans to scale up the production of its 4D simulator and explore market entry overseas.


News Venture Kick, 21 January 2021


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