2021/07/13 | People | Surgical technologies

Two excellent exams and a new apprentice

Simon Lüthi receives an above-average apprenticeship diploma as a polymechanic in July and his colleague Janosch Schär concludes the mid-term of his apprenticeship with a very good result. In August, Piravin Jeyendran is to start as a new polymechanic apprentice. The ARTORG workshop Mechanical Design and Production has to date trained 13 apprentices - most of them with outstanding final grades.

Janosch Schär with the certificate of his successful partial examination and Simon Lüthi with his final apprenticeship thesis in hands: It is a clamping device for researching the mitral heart valve. Simon Lüthi optimized the functioning of this device and manufactured it. (Image: MDP, ARTORG Center)

Simon Lüthi (right) will officially complete his 4-year apprenticeship as a polymechanic EFZ on 31.07.2021. Until the end of the year, he will work in the ARTORG workshop Mechanical Design and Production (MDP) with colleague Meret Ruch as a second polymechanic. Simon Lüthi achieved the third best apprenticeship certificate in the Bern-Mittelland examination district with an overall grade of 5.5.

Janosch Schär (left) completed his compulsory partial examination after two apprenticeship years in June with a grade of 5.4, thus completing his basic training very successfully. His apprenticeship will continue until the end of July 2023. In addition, Janosch Schär ranked third in the German-speaking region of Switzerland in the annual FRAISA competition.

On 3 August 2021, Piravin Jeyendran will start his apprenticeship as a polymechanic EFZ with a 6-month training at the Institute of Physics, University of Bern. Afterwards he will join the MDP team.