Mechanical Design and Production

The primary function of the Mechanical Design and Production (MDP) group is the co-development and manufacturing of mechanical and electro-mechanical components related to the research pursuits of the ARTORG Center. The MDP group supports all levels of the design and manufacturing process from concept to production. This includes computer assisted design (CAD) modelling, prototyping and production with technical drawings, standard tooling, computer assisted manufacturing (CAM), CNC-milling- and CNC-lathe-machines. We also support industrial and academic external research collaborators with their mechanical design and production needs. 

Training and Education for Polymechanics

The MDP group has a secondary role in education for Polymechanics. This education  encompasses the skills required to safely and proficiently operate machine shop tooling and equipment, the knowledge required to achieve the best results with a variety of materials and the skills needed to efficiently manage the design and production workflow.

Trial apprenticeships are used as a means to evaluate candidates for a full apprenticeship in the MDP group mechanical design and production needs.
See the section "Jobs (Lehrstelle)" for more information on our apprenticeship positions.