Organs-on-Chip Facility

The ARTORG Organs-on-Chip Facility (OOCF) aims at providing scientists from the University of Bern, the University Hospital of Bern and beyond a microfabrication infrastructure to produce microfluidic devices and test organs-on-chips. The facility is part of the ARTORG Organs-on-Chip Technologies (OOC) laboratory headed by Prof. Olivier Guenat. Due to its unique position at the interface between engineering, microfluidics and cell biology, the OOC lab has acquired along the years state-of-the art microfabrication equipment, in particular for soft lithography, as well as for testing organs-on-chip. The OOCF consists of two laboratories, the BioMEMS lab and the OOC Culture Laboratory, located at the ARTORG Center (Murtenstrasse 50, 3008 Bern). To use the laboratories, it is mandatory to contact the respective lab manager.

BioMEMS Laboratory

The BioMEMS (bio-micro-electromechanical systems) lab comprises three parts: the design of microfluidic devices by CAD and numerical simulation, the production of microfluidic devices and the testing of those devices. The lab is equipped with an infrastructure for PDMS soft lithography, spin coating, plasma O2, laminator, hot embossing and more.

Lab manager: Denise Ackermann

Organs-on-Chip Culture Laboratory

The Organs-on-Chip Culture Laboratory is a BSL-2 laboratory equipped with state-of the art cell biology equipment and specific equipment for organs-on-chip (specific incubators, …) and a 3D bioprinter.

Lab manager: Sabine Schneider

Organs-on-Chip Microscopy

Organs-on-chip technologies are microengineered devices that request specific imaging capabilities. The OOCF facility is equipped with two microscopes, a Zeiss Axio Imager M2 and a Thermo Fischer EVOS 7000. Both can image OOC in a controlled CO2 and humidity environment. The Zeiss is an upright fluorescent microscope that can be used for material sciences as well as for life sciences observations. It is located in the BioMEMS lab. The EVOS is an inverted fluorescent microscope for time lapse imaging. It is located in the OOC cell culture lab.

Microscope responsible: Tobias Weber (Zeiss Axioimager) and Karin Rechberger (EVOS M7000)