AI based dietary monitoring and assessment

The prevention of onset and progression of diet-related acute and chronic diseases (e.g. diabetes, obesity, kidney disease) requires reliable and intuitive systems able to translate food intake into nutrient intake. To this end, systems based on innovative technologies are introduced exploiting the recent advances in the areas of artifial intelligence and smartphone technologies.

Towards this direction, we introduced the first fully operative system for calculating the carbohydrate content of meals for individuals with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D). The system was developed within the framework of the GoCARB project. GoCARB was validated in a clinical trial involving individuals with T1D under sensor-augmented pump therapy.

goFOOD constitutes the optimized and extended version to calories and nutrient estimation to cover the needs of different groups of end-users including health care professionals. Different pilots for hospitalized patients, general population, people with diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and obesity are available for dietary monitoring and assessment. More information:

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