About us

The strategic vision of the ARTORG Center is to advance healthcare by integrating education, discovery, innovation and entrepreneurship. The Center supports this effort by encouraging a new partnership between clinicians, laboratory scientists and engineers and aims to: cultivate new translational research projects based on clinical practice needs, identify and support promising biomedical engineering collaborative research projects, rapidly translate biomedical engineering research into the clinic by fully utilizing the University of Bern resources for technology transfer.

The ARTORG Center brings together researchers from various biomedical engineering groups and clinical departments thematically centered around its label Artificial Organs. So far nine ARTORG research units have been established focusing on their specific areas of research. The Center’smanagement team consists of the Director and the Vice Director and is supported by the central services team. Strategic guidance and scientific quality of the ARTORG Center are in the hands of the Scientific Advisory Board, composed of biomedical engineering experts.