Prof. Dr. Olivier T. Guenat

Group Head

University of Bern, ARTORG Center for Biomedical Engineering Research, Organs-on-Chip Technologies

+41 31 632 76 08
Postal Address
ARTORG Center for Biomedical Engineering
Organs-on-Chip Technologies
Murtenstrasse 50
CH-3008 Bern

Research positions

2015 -          Professor extraordinarius, University of Bern , Medical Faculty, ARTORG Center, Switzerland
2010 – 2015 Assistant Professor, University of Bern, Medical Faculty, ARTORG Center, Switzerland
2009 – 2012 Adjunct Professor, Ecole Polytechnique Montréal, Eng. Physics Dept., Canada
2009 – 2011 Section Head, CSEM SA, Nanomedicine Division, Switzerland
2006 – 2009 Assistant Professor, Ecole Polytechnique Montréal, Eng. Physical Dept. and Biomedical Eng. Institute, Head of the BioMEMS Lab, Canada.
2005 – 2006 Research Fellow, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Center for Engineering in Medicine, Prof. M. Yarmush, Prof. M. Toner (1.5 year)
2005 – 2006 Research Fellow, Surgery Service, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston and Research Fellow at the Shriners Burns Hospital, Boston (1.5 year)
2002 – 2004 Maître-assistant, University of Neuchâtel, Institute of Microtechnology, Micro- (bio)electro-chemical systems group, Prof. M. Koudelka-Hep
2000 – 2002 Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Neuchâtel, Institute of Microtechnology, Micro- (bio)electro-chemical systems group, Prof. M. Koudelka-Hep

Education and academic career

2015 Extraordinarius in Organs-on-Chip Technologies, University of Bern , Switzerland
2013 Venia Docendi (PD) in Biomedical Engineering, University of Bern, Switzerland
1995 – 2000 PhD in Electronics and Physics, University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland
1995 MSc Thesis, Molecular Devices Corporation, Sunnyvale, CA, USA
1990 – 1995 MSc in Electronics-Physics, University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland
1986 – 1990 BSc Eng. in Microtechnology, University of Applied Sciences (HES), Biel-Bienne, Switzerland

Awards, fellowship and grants

Awards and fellowship:

2016 Lung-on-Chip project selected by SwissUniversities to be presented at the Swiss Innovation Forum 2016
2015 Ypsomed award 2nd prize (20kCHF), A Breathing Lung-on-Chip
2014 Venturekick I and II awards (30kCHF), AlveoliX start-up project
2012 Swiss Society for Biomedical Engineering, 2012 Poster Award, Lausanne, EPFL
2012 Research Prize, Alumni MedBern 2012
2012 Swiss Thoracic Surgery Society Prize, Best experimental communication, Davos
2011 MMB2011Conference Chair Award, 6th Int. Conf. on Microtechnologies in Medicine and Biology
2009 MMB2009 Program Chair Award, 5th Int. Conf. on Microtechnologies in Medicine and Biology
2007 Best poster award, Electrochemistry in Biomed. Eng. & Biotechnology, Montreal 2008
2005 SNSF, Fellowship for advanced researcher, Boston, Harvard Medical School, 90 k$

Grants (most important):

2016 Lungenliga Schweiz, Unraveling protective signaling pathways in acute lung injury using a novel lung-on-chip technology , (160kCHF, co-PI with PD Dr. Stefan Freigang, Pathology Bern)
2015 Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI), Lung-on-Chip for Pulmonary Fibrosis Compound Testing  (332kCHF)
2015 3R foundation, An advanced in vitro model of pulmonary inflammation based on a novel lung-onchip technology,  with PD Dr. S. Freigang Pathology Institute, Bern ( 138kCHF)
2014 SNSF R’Equip & Chefärztefond Inselspital, Microscopy Equipment for Organ-on-Chips and Perfused Microfluidic Systems (360kCHF)
2013 Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI), A new cell culture membrane, (134kCHF)
2013 Novartis Foundation, Chemoresistive assays of mesothelioma spheroids in an in-vivo like environment (60kCHF)
2012 Lungenliga Bern, Advanced alveolar in vitro model for the investigation of pulmonary diseases (85kCHF)
2012 Gebert-Rüf, A breathing Lung-on-Chip, Pilot Project, Switzerland, (187kCHF)
2012 SNSF, Alveolar-capillary microfluidic model for the analysis of lung injury, regeneration and repair, Switzerland, (337kCHF)
2011 – 2014 EU-FP7 project, HeMiBio, Bioartificial liver microreactor for in-vitro toxicology, (10mio€), co-PI
2009 – 2010 NSERC and CIHR, collaborative project, Cell-based microfluidic platform for personalized drug profiling in ovarian cancers, 100k$, PI
2007 – 2009 FQRNT, Bourse nouveau chercheur, 66.6k$, PI
2007 – 2010 NSERC, Discovery grant, High functionality cell culture platform permitting real time monitoring of cell functions induced by local drug delivery, 140k$, PI
2007 – 2008 Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI), Infrastructure, 20.3 mio$, co-PI
2004 – 2007 SNSF Division II project: Ion-selective electrode array for the detection of intracellular Ca2+ activities, 196 kFrs, co-PI.

Miscellaneous scientific functions (selection)

2011 Chairman of the 6th MMB2011, Lucerne, Switzerland,
2010 Peer Reviewer for NRC grant (National Research Council of Canada Genomics and Health Initiative)
2009 - International Steering Committee for the Microtechnologies in Medicine and Biology Conferences (IC MMB)
2009 Program Chair of the 5th Int. Conf. on MMB2009, Québec,
2009 - 2012 Member of the selection committee for NSERC-CIHR, Collaborative Health Research Projects Program (CHRP)
2008 - Referee for NSERC “Innov” and “Discovery” Programs
2000 - Reviewer for different scientific journals: Analytical chemistry, Sensors and Actuators B, Analytica Chimica Acta, JMM, Solid State Electronics, JMEMS, Plos One, Lab Chip


NSERC: Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada; CIHR: Canadian Institutes of Health Research; FQRNT: Fond Québecois Recherche Nature et Technologie; FRSQ: Fond de la recherche en santé Québec; GRSTB: Groupe de recherche en sciences et technologies biomédicales, Québec; SNSF: Swiss National Science Foundation; A*STAR: Singapore Agency for Science Technology and Research


  • IEEE Member EMBS (Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society)
  • Swiss Biomedical Engineering Society
  • TEDD Tissue Engineering for Drug Discovery, Member

Invited lectures and presentations (selection)

  • Organs-on-Chip: eine Alternative für Tierversuche?, 9. Tierschutzversuchstagung des Schweizer Tierschutzt STS, Olten, Switzerland, 03/16.
  • Organs-on-chip: hopes and challenges, BioASTER, Lyon France, 03/2016
  • A Lung-on-Chip for drug discovery, Organ-on-a-Chip World Congress, Boston, USA 07/15
  • A breathing lung alveoli model with physiological relevance for drug discovery applications, Sanofi Education Days, Marcy l’Etoile (Lyon), France, 02/2015
  • Microfluidic based in-vivo-like lung disease models, ITAV-Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France, 10/201Lung-on-chip models, European Thoracic Research Club, Bern, Switzerland, 01/2014
  • In-Vitro Barrier Models: How reliable and clinically relevant are these systems?”, Advanced microfluidic based in-vitro models for lung research, TEDD Workshop, St-Gallen, Switzerland, 3/2013
  • 6th Swiss Aerosol Conference Berne, Microfluidic Wound Healing Assay to Investigate the Regenerative Effect of HGF on Epithelial Regeneration, Switzerland, 10/2011

Scientific Founder and Board Member of The ARTORG start-up Alveolix co-founded by Olivier Guenat is developing a novel service offering for drug discovery and precision medicine application. The functional and physiological Alevolix Lung-on-a-Chip technology that originated from research in the Organs-on-Chip technology lab at the ARTORG, is an award-winning technology set to change fundamentally how early stage drug discovery is carried out and how treatments are prescribed in lung disease.