Group Members



Senior Collaborators

PhD Students

Lab managers, technical and scientific collaborators

Bachelor and Master Students


  • Susanne Moser, MSc Student
  • Pauline Zamprogno, Postdoc
  • Johannes Fehr, MSc Student
  • Dario Principi, MSc Student
  • Christina Czekus, MSc Student (MSc thesis at CSEM)
  • Arunima Sengupta, Postdoc
  • Saskia Schmid, BSc Student
  • Lisette van Os, PhD
  • Damian Schniedrig, MSc Student
  • Rrahim Gashi, MSc Student and Scientific Collaborator


  • Dario Ferrari, PhD
  • Sonja Gempeler, Lab Technician
  • Mohammad Jamshidi, MSc Student
  • Emilia Sigurdardottir, MSc Student
  • Aurelien Dorn, MSc Student
  • Widad Hassan, MSc Student


  • Nina Chatelain, MSc Student
  • Luca Brandt, Technical Collaborator
  • Adrienne Künzli, BSc Student
  • Christian Werner Kündig, MSc Student
  • Stefan Wirz, Lab Technician
  • Marc Ninck, MSc Student
  • Ye Tang, PhD Student
  • Caleb Leichty, MSc Student
  • Magali Schwob, MSc Student


  • Sandra Zwyssig, MSc Student
  • Marzena Walaszczyk, MSc Student
  • Simon Schweizer, Technician
  • Luca Martinelli, MSc Student
  • Giuditta Thoma, Research Assistant


  • Sandra Zwyssig, Technical Collaborator
  • Nicolas Fontaine, MSc Student
  • Andreas Stucki, Postdoc
  • Merve Bulut, Student
  • Janick Stucki, Senior Collaborator
  • Nina Hobi, Senior Collaborator
  • Andreas Hugi, R&D Engineer
  • Nuria Roldan, Senior Collaborator


  • Nicolas Fontaine, Research Assistant
  • Claudio Piguet, Technician
  • Dominique Karlen, MSc Student
  • Simon Wüthrich, MSc Student
  • Serena Sigrist, MSc Student
  • Giulia Raggi, MSc Student
  • Dario Ferrari, MSc Student
  • Ludivine Guillaume, PhD
  • Ezgi Bakirci, Scientific Collaborator
  • Emily Thompson, MSc Student
  • Crystal Liou, MSc Student


  • Samuel Kilchenmann, Scientific Collaborator
  • Benjamin Wieland, Technical collaborator
  • Artur Galimov, Postdoc
  • Francois Berthiaume, Visiting scientist (Rutgers Univ.)
  • Andreas Hugi, Scientific collaborator
  • Linto Lingston, Technical collaborator
  • Julie Dudler, MSc student
  • Andrea Marelli, MSc student


  • Andreas Stucki, PhD
  • Colette Bichsel, PhD
  • Nadya Perepelitsa, MSc
  • Sven Achenbach, MSc
  • David Flückiger, Trainee
  • Yves Mermoud, Scientific Collaborator


  • Sven Achenbach, MSc thesis Biomedical Sciences
  • Janine Ruppen, PhD thesis in Biomedical Sciences
  • Marcel Felder, PhD thesis in Biomedical Sciences
  • Jakob Larsen, PhD student
  • Alexandre Morel, MSc thesis Biomedical Engineering
  • Bettina Trueeb, MSc thesis Biomedical Sciences
  • Franziska Wildhaber, MSc thesis Biomedical Sciences


  • Etienne de Coulin, MSc thesis Biomedical Engineering (with group of Prof. Stefan Rohr (Physiology Univ. Bern))
  • Yves Mermoud, MSc thesis Biomedical Engineering
  • Issarawan Taoyuwapan, MSc thesis Biomedical Engineering
  • Thomas Kranz, MSc thesis Biomedical Engineering
  • Sarah Borcard, BSc thesis Life Sciences Technologies, HES-SO Valais Sion
  • Andreas Hugi, MSc, scientific collaborator
  • Yves Mermoud, technical collaborator
  • Andreas Hugi, Msc thesis Biomedical Engineering


  • Christoph Strub, MSc thesis Biomedical Engineering
  • Emanuele Marconi, PhD, Postdoctoral fellow
  • Rajan Parekh, MSc thesis Biomedical Engineering
  • Andreas Stucki, MSc thesis Biomedical Sciences


  • Janine Ruppen, MSc thesis Biomedical Sciences
  • Cédric Vogt, MSc thesis Biomedical Sciences


  • Pauline Sallin, MSc thesis Biomedical Sciences
  • Anna Schoeni, MSc thesis Biomedical Sciences
  • Benjamin Schemer, Technician

Michael Feil (1988-2021)

Michael had started his PhD in August 2020 and was a much-appreciated member of the ARTORG Organs-on-Chip Technologies group, when he died unexpectedly following a tragic road accident on April 26th 2021.

We’ll remember Michael as a talented and warm-hearted person, with a passion about his work.