Urogenital Engineering


The Urogenital Engineering (UGE) group focusses on the understanding and treatment of diseases of the urinary tract (UT), many of which have a significant impact on quality of life. The elderly, who signify an increasing percentage of the total population, are most commonly affected by bladder dysfunction and the treatment and management of chronic UT diseases have considerable impact on healthcare costs. Using innovative engineering approaches, the UGE group is developing new methods to diagnose and treat diseases of the urinary tract with special focus on the underactive-bladder, overactive-bladder, incontinence and kidney/ureteral stones. Our group has pioneered the use of new diagnostic approaches such as cardiac catheters for minimally-invasive electrophysiological investigations of the UT and analytical tools which allow the early detection of unwanted bladder contractions. Moreover, our research has resulted in a new testing platform for ureteral stents and  the first non-invasive treatment device (URODEA) which can help empty the bladder in patients suffering from underactive bladder