URODEA (start-up): our novel solution for underactive bladders

Constant feeling of having a partially full bladder, frequent visits to the toilet during the night and a poor or intermittent stream while urinating are common experiences for patients suffering from urinary retention. These symptoms significantly affect the quality of life of patients, whose main complaints are pain, continuous sleep disruption (caused by the increased daytime and night-time urinary frequency), the necessity to plan ahead for awareness of the location of toilets, embarrassment in particular situations and reduced self-esteem.

There are two main causes of urinary retention:

  • Underactive-bladder: The bladder muscle has insufficient strength or stamina to ensure an efficient bladder emptying. Underactive bladder is common in men and women and the condition worsens with age. As many as 48% of older men and 45% of older women, who are undergoing evaluation for lower urinary tract symptoms, are diagnosed of underactive-bladder. 
  • Bladder outlet obstruction: There is a blockage at the base of the bladder and urethra which increases the resistance to urine flow. This condition is very common in ageing men and is caused by an enlarged prostate (also called benign prostatic hyperplasia, BPH). The occurrence of BPH increases significantly after the age of 40 and affects 60% of the population at the age of 90.

Our URODEA solution

Our first URODEA device is designed for the male population. The device will be easy-to-use (also for the elderly), handheld and battery-powered. It is designed to be stowed discreetly in a pocket or small bag, can be pulled out and applied when in the bathroom, helps emptying the bladder efficiently and without noise. The main advantages of URODEA are:


Other treatment options

Other treatments for people suffering from urinary retention are based on invasive surgery and/or catheterisation, which are associated to side effects as follows:

  • invasive
  • direct contact with urine
  • high risk of urinary infections
  • bleeding
  • discomfort
  • embarassment